Monday, May 15, 2006

Choose your beliefs carefully...

It is never enough to blindly accept or reject a philosophy based on the beliefs of your parents and grandparents.

Blindly accepting another's faith is not for true thinkers.

Blindly rejecting another's faith is simply an act of rebellion and is not for mature thinkers.

The journey you are on is a learning experience. You must investigate, explore, consider and process your own belief system with fear and trembling.

Some people will take this to mean that they can create their own religion or philosophy of life, and by all means, one can do that. BUT, that will not make it true, and that will not help a person grow into the spiritual being that they were intended to be.

Again, this would be a waste of life - a waste of the gift that was given freely and without obligation or hesitation to help each of us evolve into the beings we were created to be.

Dare to live with purpose!
Dream Doe :)

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