Sunday, May 21, 2006

So What Are You Reading?

Mark Twain wrote about Joan of Arc!

Thanks to Orion, a book review blogger, for reviewing this book.

Here's an exerpt...

One might expect the irreverent Mark Twain, who wrote many scandalous
pieces to be somewhat satirical in presenting this biography, but that is not
the case. While his writing in this book is critical of church and state, his
approach to the personal character of Joan puts her above reproach. He could
find nothing in her life that was suspect, and he studied the records for 12
years. While he seems unsure about the nature of her voices, he shows Joan as
firmly believing that they were real and of divine origin.

It seems that Mark Twain had a daughter Joan's age when he wrote this, and that he considered it to be his finest work.

I encouraged both of my daughters to learn about Joan as teenagers. This past year, my youngest who is a freshman in high school, chose Joan of Arc as the one historical person she would like to interview.

So What Are You Reading?

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Orion said...

Hi Dream Doe
I am glad that my review helped you to find this book. I really enjoyed reading it for its presentation on the life of Joan.
After looking at your blog I was wondering if you had ever read The Mountains of Tibet by Mordicai Gerstein. It sounds like your daughters like mine are past children's books. Yet this is one of the best children's books I ever read about the Tibetan Buddhist view of reincarnation.