Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Have you ever noticed how people rationalize their way to deception?

Not telling the whole truth can be a lie in certain circumstances.

1.   Opening charge accounts without telling your spouse.

Surely everyone agrees with this one, but just in case, here's why... When you get a new credit card, you are putting your family into more debt. Anything that affects your family must be told. A spouse has a right to know how you are spending your money, or their money. The flagrant practice of opening "private" or "secret" accounts among couples is a sign of how little our society regards honesty, integrity, and the sanctity of marriage.

2.   Allowing a child to "do" something with the promise of not telling the other parent.

I am not speaking of divorced parents where one parent has sole custody. I am speaking of households where both parents live with their children. This practice of "Don't tell Mom" or "Don't tell Dad" is teaching your children that it is ok to lie to get what you want. What they don't know won't hurt them? It hurts the character of the child. Why not choose to have a family discussion over the matters that both parents do not agree on? If your spouse refuses to have logical discussions, then you might consider marriage counseling. Really!

A person cannot be balanced and whole if they are deliberately keeping secrets from those they love.

A person cannot be spiritually whole and in sync with God if they are lying, because they know that God does not approve of this practice.

The reason God or the Creator doesn't approve is because He knows you cannot be truly happy if you live by the rules of deception.

Come clean, be honest, be happy.

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