Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Religion is simply one's personal philosophy on life and life's purpose.

My view on religion is that too many are religious but not enough are spiritual or humanitarian in their efforts. However, blaming society's flaws (such as war) on religion alone is as absurd as blaming the flaws on education alone.

Since there are so many different "groups" of religions who gather themselves together to affect their influence on laws, morals, etc. then which group is at fault?

Every group claims to have and know the only true religion and the one and only true God, so which of them is lying? How would we begin to convince them of the error of their ways?

Many blame societal flaws on the lack of education, with education being judged on one's degrees, majors, etc.

Some so-called educated people would have the world believe as they do or consider them ignorant. Hmmm, sounds a lot like the "religious," so how well-educated is that?

There are many religious people with doctorate degrees (including scientists), and many atheist people with doctorate degrees.

Neither of these labels - "religious" "educated" "ignorant" can encompass the truth of how and why a society fails or flourishes.

How well the citizens live, the freedoms they have, and their access and willingness to learn about other religions is, I believe IMHO, the key to ending the divisiveness among religious sects and nations.

A full belly with access to medical care, a roof over their head and a safe bed to sleep in is more apt to be tolerant of other belief systems and more likely to live in harmony with them.

Therefore, my religion is inclusive of helping everyone, everywhere as much as it's in our power to do so, to have access to everything needed to have a normal life where essential daily needs are met, and then allow them to decide what their religion is without fear of retribution.

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