Monday, December 15, 2008

What do you believe?

Poll: What do you believe?

Raging Rev has submitted a post that asks the readers to state what they believe and how their environment growing up may have contributed to their current belief system.

Here's your chance to expound on your beliefs!

Here's my answer as posted on Raging Rev's Blog...

"I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use." - Galileo

How nice of you to let us speak out on this topic. I was raised as a fundamentalist Baptist, but I always had questions about contradictions, the Bible being taken literally, etc. I am no longer a Baptist, and I was never a fundamentalist. Thankfully, my parents taught me to think for myself. They led by example, not with the iron fist.

I am more spiritual than religious and I am not thrilled with organized religion as it stands now. Each person is on a spiritual journey, and it is up to each of us to find our own path.

True Bible study reveals the truth - the Bible is a book, it is not inerrant and it is not meant to be taken literally. It was written by humans, some of whom chose this method to politically control the readers.

I've had many mystical or supernatural events in my life and so I know (for myself) that the Creator exists and that there are many angels and spirits around us.

I do not believe that you must agree with any particular church or denominational doctrine to experience God. I don't even believe that you need the Bible, although there are many good moral lessons to be learned there.

Meanwhile, I live my life as a spiritual seeker, striving to live in harmony with God and to be a blessing whenever I can.

Visit Raging Rev
and add your views (you can comment here also if you like!).

Monday, December 08, 2008

One True Love?

Do you think you only have one shot at true love?

Not true.

It's a myth.

An article over at Beliefnet says that there are probably 10,000 people who would make you feel the same as you "think" you feel about your one and only true love.

I've been divorced for a couple of years now, but once in awhile, I "think" I miss him. It only lasts a few minutes though (grin). My memory quickly kicks in and reminds me of all the grief I endured in the name of love.

Here is a piece of their advice, which sounds good to me, especially since I believe in the power of postive thinking...

Repeat this 20 times.

“I have never left a relationship that would have made me happier than I am now.”

If you're having trouble letting go of a past love, I highly recommend reading the full article (see link below). I already knew most of it, probably because I read a lot, or maybe because I've been through it twice, but it always helps to be reminded of things you can do to move forward.

One of the things I didn't know is that we should choose to listen to books on tape instead of music, because music takes us back to memories that we are trying to get over. Makes sense. If you're going to listen to music, at least make sure it's upbeat... not one those sad love songs.

20 percent of us suffer from “complicated grief.” According Rob Stein of the Washington Post, “One of the hallmarks of complicated grief is a persistent sense of longing for the lost one and a tendency to conjure up reveries of that person.”

So here's a quick 3-step process (I like to simplify things)

1) Recognize that your lost love was not the greatest person that ever lived... so why keep romanticizing them in your head? Remember the faults, list them if you have to.

2) Remember that there are literally thousands of potential "mates" out there just waiting for you to get over it and move on.

3) Listen to inspirational tapes - not the "oldies" radio station which will only serve to take you back and make you sad.

Don’t assume a connection is sacred just because it persists.

Book to read: How to Break Your Addiction to a PersonOrder the book now

Article at Beliefnet:
* How to let go of past loves

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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time is Dead

time is dead
I have no watch.

I refuse to spend any more money on watches.

All watches die.


Every time I buy a watch, it works until the battery dies. When I go to the jewelry store to have the battery replaced, it dies within 24 hours.

I have tried expensive watches and cheap ones. Same story.

I have replaced the battery myself. I have used a jewelry store and Wal-mart to replace the battery. Same old story.

The best watch I ever had only cost $3. It was on sale in my daughter's favorite clothing store. I bought it on impulse - it was beside the checkout just calling my name. It lasted for 3 years - that was a record. My Seiko only lasted about 18 months.

I do find they last longer if they are the bangle style or bracelet style watches that don't actually have constant contact with my skin. Otherwise they die very quickly.

Does anyone else have this problem or know why this happens?

I also get shocked easily. Getting in and out of the car, going into stores and out, every time I touch metal I get a shock. It's hard to find shoes that keep it from happening. Right now, I only have one pair and they are summer shoes.

I figure the same electrical charges that keep getting me shocked are also killing my watches.

As time goes by, time keeps dying on me.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Divine Intervention

This morning I was at the end of my rope.

I drove to the beach and waited for the bank to open so I could cash the child support check.

I've been stressing for weeks about something and no matter how hard I tried to pray and meditate over it, the answer never came.

Actually, that probably isn't true...

I should say the answer was always there but I couldn't find it or hear it because my mind was trying to solve the problem all by itself instead of listening for the answer (I AM so smart after all).

But this beautiful morning, while sitting there taking in the view, I was reminded of the majesty of creation.

I relaxed and began to just be grateful for the opportunity to live near the ocean, the ability to see and hear it, and to just be grateful that it even exist.

Suddenly - for me at least - in less than ten minutes, I knew what to do and where to go for help.

I cranked up the car, drove there, waited for them to open and somehow managed an appointment for later in the day.

Actually that's not true, either.

Divine intervention provided me an appointment because at first I was told I would be called at some time in the distant future which left me standing there in shock - literally with my mouth open not knowing what to say.

Then I was abruptly asked if I could back in the afternoon.

WOO HOO!! You bet I could come back!

I went back, waited for over an hour, and stayed prayerfully centered.

Finally, at the end of the day (before 5pm), my problem is solved.

Thank God for the sacred places that we can go to when life's struggles has drowned out the beauty of the universe.

I'll be going there more often.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Faces in my mind

Faces in my mind
Feel free to enlighten me with any thoughts that cross your mind concerning the following...

For several years now, I have had a problem with faces appearing for an instant and then fading only to be replaced by a new face.

This happens when I am meditating, or trying to fall asleep. My eyes are always closed.

This year, 2008, I began drawing faces. Dozens and dozens of faces. My sister always asks me "who is this" to which I reply, "nobody I know." It's just a face. Most of the faces are caucasian and a few are african american. Many of them are nuns. There seems to be an almost equal balance of male to female. Very few of them are children.

What's interesting is that since I began drawing the faces, I don't see as many faces when my eyes are closed. Wonder why?

Occasionally, I will encounter a face I drew a few days later, usually on TV, but that's probably because I don't get out much.

The only faces I have recognized belonged to my Father, shortly before his death, and my Mother, shortly before her death.

No thoughts come with the faces and sometimes I find myself asking them to stay longer so I can examine their features.

Has anyone ever experienced or heard of this before?

If you think I'm crazy, please don't bother to tell me.

By the way, these aren't the same as the faces I see while praying for someone. Sometimes I will see people I know, almost as if in a vision, while I'm praying for them or for someone else, which I feel indicates that I should shift my "praying" focus to the person who has appeared. But at these times, the face, and sometimes the full body, remain in my mind's eye apparently until I am "done" praying for them. Then they fade.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Taken for granted

"The enlightened give thanks for what most people take for
granted. As you begin to be grateful for what most people take
for granted, that vibration of gratitude makes you more receptive
to good in your life." -- Rev. Michael Beckwith

Thankful for the gifted

One of the things that has begun to irritate me as I get older is the lack of talent among so-called professionals. Actually, it's not talent they're lacking, it's a gift for the trade, art, or whatever you want to call it.

If you have ever ordered school photos of your child, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Many times I have been shocked at the poor quality of the pose.

My daughter is a senior in high school and is struggling with choices for her future. So I took the opportunity to explain the difference between having an interest in something, having a passion for something, and having a gift ( a calling ) for something.

I believe if you have a gift for something, a gift you were born with, then that is something that should be nurtured and pursued with great passion.

Anyone can learn photography, but only those who have been given the gift of the artistic eye of a true photographer can capture the perfect pose along with the proper lighting and background. Only a gifted photographer can snap the camera capturing the perfect expression. That's something you can try to learn, but apparently it isn't taught, so I have no idea if it is possible to acquire the knack of getting the right facial expression that parents long to have.

I've seen wedding photos that cost a fortune and yet they didn't compare to the photos I snapped myself. Not bragging here, just stating a fact.

Many people (as we have seen on American Idol) believe they can sing simply because they "love" to sing, yet obviously to the rest of the world they have no "gift" of singing. Maybe some of them could actually learn to sing if they put in the time (and the money) with a vocal coach, but many of them have been lied to if they have been told they can sing.

Perhaps it's a problem of this generation of parents who are told to praise their children to build self esteem. Hmmm, if the pride is false and without any substance, then what good does it really do a person? They may end up humiliating themselves because someone told them they were "good" at something they stunk at.

I remember in my younger, dating days, getting on the dance floor with many a guy who thought he could dance. Of course, dancing is one of those things we do for the sheer joy of it, so it really doesn't matter if you can dance or not. No one really cares unless you are putting on a show. So I guess dancing doesn't count.

At any rate, I am thankful for those who do have gifts, who discover them, and then pursue them with the passion a gift deserves. I wish all such gifted people the best of luck and success in their chosen profession.

And by the way, I believe we are all gifted with something.
Finding it is the problem.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My washer and dryer

washer and dryer
It came to my attention this past week that I had forgotten the blessing of having a washer and dryer in my home.

When I was a little girl, I had to hang the clothes outside, take them down, iron them, and even had to starch a few things. We even ironed the sheets!

But that was nothing compared to generations of the past. They actually had to wash one item at a time - can you imagine? Washing clothes would have taken an entire day.

I still hate laundry, but now I can at least remember to say "Thank You" when I load those dirties into the machine, turn it on and walk away.

I can say thank you again when I return to the washer, take out the clothes and load them into the dryer which is right beside the washer, turn the dryer on, and then walk away.

I can even say thank you while I'm folding, putting away and hanging up clothes - all of which can be done in a matter of minutes, not a day.

Thank God for washers and dryers!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

I am a fortress

I am a fortress which has been built by stacking every tiny piece of information that has surrounded me and infiltrated my psyche since the moment of my conception.

I am also inclined to believe that by some mystical merging of universal wisdom, the origin of my essence was "in the beginning" and I was called into being by the Creator of all that is.

I do not have the mental ability while in this human condition to fully comprehend or prove to anyone my pre-human existence, yet I am convinced of it.

Now I see through a dark glass which muddies the fine details, but the truth will be known without doubt when I return to the Creator.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Through the darkness of depression

You probably didn't notice, but I have been absent from my blogs for nearly 2 weeks.

I have just come through one of my darkest journeys. Finally, the light and love have reappeared, or should I say I found a way to see them again. They really never left me. Sometimes it takes work, hard work, to uncover the light once you have let it slip away.

It's just like a quote from the Bible, the lion lays in wait to pounce when you least expect it. You don't even know he has you trapped at first, but you are.

Depression is like a trap that cages the animal of prey, waiting for the predator to devour you, but there is always a way out.

Divinity seems to have ordered the boundaries of the predator.

It can only push you so far, then it has to wait and see if you will finish the job and destroy yourself, or if you will find the will and the way to survive and thrive, breaking out of the cage.

The darkness and the stress are overwhelming, and you don't always know why.

Sometimes traumatic events from the past, things you think you have dealt with, suddenly resurface and monopolize your life. Sometimes a sadness that has no reason or rhyme just attaches itself to you with a heaviness that words can't describe.

The tears flow, the heart aches, and the pain consumes. Sadness, anxiety, worry, fatigue and physical illness sap the life right out of you. You grow tired of the fight. You want it to be over.

The search for inner peace seems futile, but you continue, sometimes spiraling downward and out of control, but you never give up.

Once it's over, you wonder how in the world you could have been so full of despair.

How did it happen?

Why did it happen?

How can you prevent it from happening again?

Age old questions that still offer no guaranteed answers. A Christian might tell you to spend more time in prayer and meditation, but sometimes life gets so hectic that you miss a day or two, making it much easier said than done.

My scenario...

School started which brought with it more financial worries (gas because she attends an althernative academy which is free, but no bus transportation), more time constraints (I have to stay there - 25 miles away - to save 2 gallons of gas per day), and more anxiety because my little girl is a senior this year. I became consumed with this time "next" year (bad idea). I became consumed with all the things I wish had been different as I raised her, such as her Dad not leaving us in poverty and wondering if I was a good enough Mother. I hate that my daughter has to work just to pay for gas to get to and from school. I became consumed with anguish because I could not give her the senior trip to Scotland, Paris and London, even though she doesn't even seem to want to go. It's like I started inventing things to feel bad about. Then I started thinking about my parents who have passed away, wishing they were still here because I miss them and my daughter hasn't had her grandparents to enjoy.

Then there were the "other" problems, the ones that keep nagging at you when you have no resources to change things. The porch is leaking to the point that I am wondering when it will crumble. The car is making even louder than usual creaking noises when I drive so I can't let her drive the car by herself because I worry over her safety. I need to get stuff out of the house so I can re-enter my bedroom but my physical health doesn't allow it. We still have furniture for a house while we live in a 27 year old 2 bedroom mobile home that has not been updated - at all. It's dark, crowded, disorganized and claustrophobic - except for her room.

Ants and roaches are invading the kitchen - it's a never ending fight. My sofa is broken, sitting on books and covered with a comforter. It looks like I will have to disconnect the home phone so I can pay for the light bill. I have no cellphone to use instead. There is a church funded organization that helps people once or twice a year with their light bill, but they are out of funds. The ex still isn't sending the right amount of support, but I need an attorney or a $25 fee to get it handled by family court. I still resent the fact that my little girl was forced to live this way while "Daddy" has already gone through 2 new families living in the home I remodeled with the inheritance my parents left me. I still get angry when I remember how the divorce was handled because "his" uncle was the chief of police. These are just some of the day-to-day problems facing us.

Time passes - ten days this time - while you're on a journey that no one even knows you're taking, except for God, and you find yourself wondering if He is paying attention and sometimes you wonder if He even exists, even though you have had many displays of His existence. Then you feel guilty for doubting.

You read inspiring texts, you pray, you think, you meditate, you sleep, you sob, you tremble from the physical weakness, you struggle with nausea, you stop talking to people, you stop every thing that you previously enjoyed.

You watch life as an outsider wondering why you're here and why you should even bother - and then - suddenly the clouds part and the sun's life sustaining rays are able to reach you again.

I began reading the promises of the Bible out loud - so often that I easily memorized some of them.

Finally, here's what I decided...

  • I will live and not die.

  • I will rejoice and not mourn.

  • I will sing and not weep.

  • I will hope and not despair.

  • I will rebuke and not surrender.

  • I will bind up depression and cast it out.

  • God isn't finished with me yet.

  • My best times are still ahead of me.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Beginnings in August

August is the eighth month and some believe that eight is the number of new beginnings.

Sometimes these new beginnings aren't always "nice" beginnings.

Just think about a few of the things that have happened this month - so far - we're only half-way through August.

  • The Olympics began in China

  • This should be a good thing, but apparently they haven't learned that secrets have a way of getting out. They faked too much in the opening ceremonies... the lip syncing "cute" girl, the fireworks display, etc. The ages of their female gymnasts has come into question (they should be at least 16). As for the effects of the Olympics on China, economically speaking, it isn't good. By the way, I love the Chinese - this is about the handling of the Olympics, which doesn't have any negative reflection to the people of China in my opinion.

  • The Russia and Georgia Conflict - the beginning of - ???

  • The unemployment rate rose in the US. It rose to 7% in South Carolina.

  • New beginnings for those finding themselves searching for a new job.

  • Another church shooting in Missouri.

  • A new beginning of life without loved ones.

  • Bus wreck due to non-maintenance of bus

  • A new beginning is needed to ensure the safety of innocent people as they travel.

  • Aids infection is reported as 40% higher than projections indicated.

  • John Edwards' secret affair comes to light.

  • Secrets never stay hidden forever if you're in the public eye. Here we have a new beginning for John Edwards - a life without politics, a life without respect.

  • Most schools in the US will begin a new school year in August. Let's hope that's a good new beginning.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Lucky number eight.

According to Chinese tradition, eight is a lucky number for wealth and prosperity.

Christians who study Biblical numerology believe that 8 is the number of new beginnings. After all, God rested on the seventh day and then the whirlwind of life started anew on the 8th day.

Quoted from Biblical Numerology...

THE NUMBER OF NEW BEGINNINGS. 8 people on Noah's Ark (2 Pet. 2:5); circumcision on 8th day (Gen. 17:12); God made 8 covenants with Abraham

That's why many couples are getting married today at 8:08 pm.
See NPR - Lucky day for weddings

Also, the Chinese government scheduled the start of the Olympics on 8-8-08 at 8:08:08 p.m.

I wonder if this would be a good day to buy a lottery ticket?

At any rate, I wish for you to have a blessed and prosperous life. I believe in the Golden Rule, and I sincerely hope you wish me the same.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Churches giving away gas

In Eastlake, Ohio, the Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship church started raffling a $25 gas card and a $20 grocery card for attendees during Sunday services last month.

A church in Flushing, Michigan is giving away $5 gas cards to first-time visitors.
Rev. Mary Lloyd, the pastor, says that God led her to give away the gas cards. The 300 member church has given away 36 cards since May.

North Point Church in Springfield, Missouri, a large church of 2500, sponsored a gasoline outreach in May, spending over $9000.

The Catholic Diocese of Providence, R.I., used a $17,500 grant from the Catholic Charity Fund to buy more than 1,000 bus fare booklets that were given free to recipients based on income and the tickets' use.

Helping the community with gas is an excellent way to show the true compassion of the Church. Other churches are offering raffle tickets too.

A more rural church reports more members arriving by horse power - literally.

LINK: Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008

cursing and swearing

I've been browsing through some political forums recently and am absolutely astonished at the offensive language some people use.

Once I see an obscenity - on a blog post or in a forum, I usually scroll down to read the next post - totally ignoring them.

If they can't get a point across without vulgarity, then they are probably not intelligent enough for me to want to waste my time reading their rant.

I realize that politics is a touchy subject, but a person can get angry without using curse words.

I wonder what these bad language people say when they stump their toe or hit their finger with a hammer? Now THAT's when I'm tempted to mutter an obscenity under my breath. If you use such ugly words just having a normal conversation, then what's left for you when you really need it?

Besides, why are they so angry? There is no single person to blame for any of this political nonsense.

My Mother always taught me that "cursing" and "swearing" were an indication of a person's intellect and lack of vocabulary skills. It worked. I have never been one to utter profanities at the drop of a hat. I probably haven't used a "bad" word more than twice in the past couple of years, and I was really angry when I slipped up.

Of course, no one heard me. It was for therapeutic purposes only. (grin)

What I keep telling myself today...

You aren't responsible for another person's actions (or words), you are only responsible for your REaction.

Here's my reaction - I'm blogging about it - I feel better now.

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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Blog Genie

Magic Lamp
I got this from dday at

Can you believe it?

I found the Magic Lamp of Luck by The Genies!
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Thank you, Genies!

And now let us pass on this Magic Lamp of Luck to Everyone!

What a great way to work on reciprocal linking!

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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

A Bright Future

My daughter is spending this week with her Dad and I find myself with free time.

Free time is usually a good thing, but this is the summer before her senior year in high school and I find myself wondering what in the world I will do with myself when she goes off to college.

We have a fine university in our town, but she wants to attend a Christian college a couple of hours away. I'm quite proud of her, but since she is my baby, and since I am divorced and just turned 54, the isolated and abandoned future looms ahead of me.

Fortunately for me, God moved in another mysterious way today.

As I was checking blog labels for another blog at Technorati, I came across a couple of good blogs for women. There are many more, but I only had time to read two.

The first one is the Superhero Journal. This journal is just what I needed to read today.

The post that inspired me the most is "permission granted."

#2. Tiny slices
Stop waiting for some grand sprawl of time to do something creative. Use the little slices. Quiet those gremlins that tell you that you don't have the right supplies, you need a better space, you need to learn photoshop, you don't have the right camera, or you need to do laundry... and just make something. That is the best way to shut those gremlins up. They are no match for action.

My favorite way to write is in 15 minute "wild writing" bursts. I set a timer and write as fast as I can for 15 minutes. The only rule is to write quickly and never take the pen off the page. Everything I've ever written, good or bad, was done this way.

Photography is one of past loves, and while I certainly continue to take pictures, I have not always had my camera with me to capture the world's beauty when it sometimes magically appears. It has been months since I actually raised my camera with the thought of creating a great photograph.

Thanks to this artistic lady, I intend to change that.

Today, my camera will be taken out of its bag, the digital images uploaded to my computer, and it will be used. This senior year will the one where I capture as much of my daughter's life as is possible with my camera.

Today, my writing will be more focused, well, for at least 15 minutes as I start my own "wild writing" burst.

Today, I choose to see a bright, fulfilling future. I will start today so my daughter can leave the next with no regret and no pangs of guilt.

Prayer: Dear God I thank you for this day and this beautiful world which you provide for us. Thank you for having me cross the paths of people who could renew my gratitude and wonderment of your creations. Thank you for my children, my grandchildren, and my family. I am blessed. Praise God from whom all blessings flow. Amen.

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Saturday, May 10, 2008

What hell really means

It's time to learn the CORRECT meaning of the words translated in the scriptures as "hell."

Heaven is mentioned in the Bible 551 times, compared to hell which is only 54 times. Yet we are a generation of Christians who enjoy one-upping those heathens, threatening them with eternal suffering instead of helping them find the joy of our Lord.

The eternal fires of hell simply mean that the fire cannot be stopped or put out. You cannot change the course of events once you have been thrown into the grave.

The fires of Gehenna, which was the town dump for Jerusalem, are certainly not still burning, nor did the garbage dumped there continue to burn. It was burned up, only ashes left. The fire continued to burn, not the object or body thrown into the fire. Eventually, all the garbage was left in ashes. The fire is not still burning, so obviously we have misinterpreted the word which was translated into "eternal."

Hell simply means the grave, Sheol means the underworld, and Gehenna refers to the trash dump.

The word "eternal" simply means that no one can put out the fire or change the judgement of death. The pronouncement of death is eternal, it can not be changed.

Rev 20:10 And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever.

In this verse the beast and the false prophet are doomed, not everyone. Plus, the words "for ever and ever" can mean an age, a period of time, or literallly forever.

We assume it is a period of time because of the following verses...

Rev 20:13 And the sea gave up the dead which were in it, and death and hell (meaning the grave) delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works.

Rev 20:14 And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death.

Rev 20:15 And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

The lake of fire purifies and destroys whatever is thrown into it.

It is not perpetual torment, but it is perpetual death.

The end.

For further study, get yourself a Strong's Concordance so you can see the actual meaning of the words before the translators decided how they wanted to translate it and therefore control what you believe.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Go to God

God Bless
Go to God for everything in every circumstance...

How can you know what God wants?

You ask Him.

Ask Him to give you peace when you have made a decision, if that is His will. Ask Him to NOT give peace, but rather discontent, if your decision was not the right choice.

Ask Him for guidance, and yes, signs. You can feel peace or be distraught. Is this not a sign? Yes, it IS a sign and too few of us take notice.

Spurgeon's commentary and plea to us ...

“God, even our own God.”
- Psa_67:6

It is strange how little use we make of the spiritual blessings which God gives us, but it is stranger still how little use we make of God himself. Though he is “our own God,” we apply ourselves but little to him, and ask but little of him.

How seldom do we ask counsel at the hands of the Lord!

How often do we go about our business, without seeking his guidance! In our troubles how constantly do we strive to bear our burdens ourselves, instead of casting them upon the Lord, that he may sustain us! This is not because we may not, for the Lord seems to say, “I am thine, soul, come and make use of me as thou wilt; thou mayst freely come to my store, and the oftener the more welcome.”

It is our own fault if we make not free with the riches of our God. Then, since thou hast such a friend, and he invites thee, draw from him daily. Never want whilst thou hast a God to go to; never fear or faint whilst thou hast God to help thee; go to thy treasure and take whatever thou needest-there is all that thou canst want.

Learn the divine skill of making God all things to thee. He can supply thee with all, or, better still, he can be to thee instead of all. Let me urge thee, then, to make use of thy God. Make use of him in prayer. Go to him often, because he is thy God.

O, wilt thou fail to use so great a privilege? Fly to him, tell him all thy wants.

Use him constantly by faith at all times. If some dark providence has beclouded thee, use thy God as a “sun;” if some strong enemy has beset thee, find in Jehovah a “shield,” for he is a sun and shield to his people.

If thou hast lost thy way in the mazes of life, use him as a “guide,” for he will direct thee.

Whatever thou art, and wherever thou art, remember God is just what thou wantest, and just where thou wantest, and that he can do all thou wantest.

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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Native American Prophecies

Indian ceremony
Native American ways, traditions and prophecies have always intrigued me. Both of my daughters are part Cherokee and I have always encouraged them to learn more about their heritage, which I believe is one of the purest forms of true faith.

I recently came across a website which speaks of indian prophecies and found it fascinating.

This particular prophecy was delivered via a speech given by Lee Brown in 1986.

Apparently, the four races were given four specific missions on this earth. The missions are known as "guardianships."

Asians - guardianship of the wind - air, wind, sky, spiritual enlightenment

Interestingly enough, this is where we have learned of yoga, energy healing, chakra balancing, et.

Blacks - guardianship of the water - the chief of the elements

FYI: A black man invented or discovered blood plasma which is the water of life for humans.

Red (Indians) - guardianship of the earth

The Indians have given us knowledge on herbs, protecting and respecting nature, healing foods and indeed, the training to farm and harvest.

White - guardianship of the fire - the fire moves and consumes

America is often described as a melting pot of peoples. Our fire for freedom has brough millions to our land, reunited as a family. The lightbulb is is known as the white man's fire. There is also a spark in an automobile engine, as well as the airplane and the train. We have certainly accomplished much with fire. Unfortunately, I see that the bombs, rockets and guns are also a form of the fire.

Now we are entering a time of purification...

In the cycle of time, from the beginning to the end, this time we are in now will change the purification of all things. They say this is the hardest time to live, but it is also the greatest honor to be alive and see this.

Non-Natives call this the "Apocalypse" or the "end times." The Natives call this the "Purification."

Read more here...

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Monday, February 11, 2008


The number 8 is for power and new beginings, so when you consistently see the number 8, maybe the Creator is trying to tell you something.

You have the power, the will and the determination, to overcome all obstacles with a little help from above.

Affirmation #1:

"I will not let myself be limited, paralyzed, or held back by fear that exploits my emotions, my sense of truth, or requires me to become a victim.

Affirmation #2:
I will not be a prisoner to my own unrealistic expectations or my "worst that can happen" scenarios.

Affirmation #3:
I am empowered by virtue of my Creator and my own self-worth (I am not a mistake in the scheme of things) to not only endure, but to also persevere and overcome triumphantly, because there is no honor in sacrificing myself to a life of victimhood.

Choose to live a life of honor.

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Monday, February 04, 2008


According to Simon T. Bailey, author of "Release Your Brilliance," ...

"Each of us is born brilliant. Then we spend
the rest of our lives having our brilliance buried by
people, circumstances, and experiences. Eventually, we
forget that we ever had genius and special talents, and our
brilliance is locked away in a vault deep within. So we
settle for who we are, instead of striving for who we were
meant to be."

If only we could retrieve the innocent ego we were born with. Not an ego of boastfulness, but one that propels us to be the best we can be, and to expect the same of others.

Yes, I am an idealist.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Validation... every human being on the planet needs to feel that their life is important to someone, that they are worthy of being here, worthy of love and worthy of life.

This is especially important for young people in general, but I know for a fact that is vital for teen girls and young women. Not that we older women don't need to be validated occassionally, but we have acquired enough life lessons with wisdom and insight to see our own worth - most of the time.

The problem with validation...

We all heard about the young teen who committed suicide after becoming totally unvalidated and crushed by the comments of a supposedly young male teen, who actually was the mother of another teen girl in the same neighborhood. Apparently this woman needed to be validated to the point of wanting to be perceived as "cool" by her own daughter and her young peers that she threw caution to the wind, along with compassion and love, and inadvertently caused a child to hate herself enough to end her short life.

We can talk about God and love and how that's all the validation a Christian needs, but it's just words. Many young Christians have not yet experienced the supernatural presence of God and therefore cannot grab hold of that love and validation, especially when their home life is awful.

One of the reasons young girls need validation is that their Fathers left them. Mid-life crises and mistresses took precedence over fatherhood, leaving young girls who are searching for love and validation from males in all the wrong places and from all the wrong faces, which is a volatile and dangerous game.

Understanding the psychology of humankinds emotional needs can go a long way in helping us as Mothers, teachers, confidants and mentors to guide our young girls and help them learn how to feel and realize their own worth without craving the flattering lines sometimes cast upon them in sport as bait is cast into the water for fish.