Monday, February 11, 2008


The number 8 is for power and new beginings, so when you consistently see the number 8, maybe the Creator is trying to tell you something.

You have the power, the will and the determination, to overcome all obstacles with a little help from above.

Affirmation #1:

"I will not let myself be limited, paralyzed, or held back by fear that exploits my emotions, my sense of truth, or requires me to become a victim.

Affirmation #2:
I will not be a prisoner to my own unrealistic expectations or my "worst that can happen" scenarios.

Affirmation #3:
I am empowered by virtue of my Creator and my own self-worth (I am not a mistake in the scheme of things) to not only endure, but to also persevere and overcome triumphantly, because there is no honor in sacrificing myself to a life of victimhood.

Choose to live a life of honor.

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