Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Churches giving away gas

In Eastlake, Ohio, the Worldwide Great Commission Fellowship church started raffling a $25 gas card and a $20 grocery card for attendees during Sunday services last month.

A church in Flushing, Michigan is giving away $5 gas cards to first-time visitors.
Rev. Mary Lloyd, the pastor, says that God led her to give away the gas cards. The 300 member church has given away 36 cards since May.

North Point Church in Springfield, Missouri, a large church of 2500, sponsored a gasoline outreach in May, spending over $9000.

The Catholic Diocese of Providence, R.I., used a $17,500 grant from the Catholic Charity Fund to buy more than 1,000 bus fare booklets that were given free to recipients based on income and the tickets' use.

Helping the community with gas is an excellent way to show the true compassion of the Church. Other churches are offering raffle tickets too.

A more rural church reports more members arriving by horse power - literally.

LINK: Read the full story at The Washington Post.

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