Saturday, July 12, 2008

cursing and swearing

I've been browsing through some political forums recently and am absolutely astonished at the offensive language some people use.

Once I see an obscenity - on a blog post or in a forum, I usually scroll down to read the next post - totally ignoring them.

If they can't get a point across without vulgarity, then they are probably not intelligent enough for me to want to waste my time reading their rant.

I realize that politics is a touchy subject, but a person can get angry without using curse words.

I wonder what these bad language people say when they stump their toe or hit their finger with a hammer? Now THAT's when I'm tempted to mutter an obscenity under my breath. If you use such ugly words just having a normal conversation, then what's left for you when you really need it?

Besides, why are they so angry? There is no single person to blame for any of this political nonsense.

My Mother always taught me that "cursing" and "swearing" were an indication of a person's intellect and lack of vocabulary skills. It worked. I have never been one to utter profanities at the drop of a hat. I probably haven't used a "bad" word more than twice in the past couple of years, and I was really angry when I slipped up.

Of course, no one heard me. It was for therapeutic purposes only. (grin)

What I keep telling myself today...

You aren't responsible for another person's actions (or words), you are only responsible for your REaction.

Here's my reaction - I'm blogging about it - I feel better now.

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Lea said...

Very nice and I agree that cursing seems to have become a part of conversational language even in the very young. Its hard to watch a stand up comic anymore without every other word needing a bleep. Is this example telling young people that this kind of language is appropriate?

Sandra Cobb said...

That's exactly what it's telling our young people. Sitting in the parking lot at the mall, waiting for my daughter to get off work... I hear the most offensive language coming from teenagers. They know I hear them and they don't care.

They don't comprehend the fact that their choice of words is inappropriate and offensive.

It's sad.

The schools don't even try to correct this situation. Who can blame them? How can you monitor the language of 1500 students in one place?

mspennylane said...

I completely agree with this. I tend to use those words when I get REALLY angry, and in occasions like you mentioned. I am only 21, but it still worries me when I overhear people swearing in front of their children when I am out. I hate it - but I don't think they even know they do it sometimes.