Saturday, August 16, 2008

New Beginnings in August

August is the eighth month and some believe that eight is the number of new beginnings.

Sometimes these new beginnings aren't always "nice" beginnings.

Just think about a few of the things that have happened this month - so far - we're only half-way through August.

  • The Olympics began in China

  • This should be a good thing, but apparently they haven't learned that secrets have a way of getting out. They faked too much in the opening ceremonies... the lip syncing "cute" girl, the fireworks display, etc. The ages of their female gymnasts has come into question (they should be at least 16). As for the effects of the Olympics on China, economically speaking, it isn't good. By the way, I love the Chinese - this is about the handling of the Olympics, which doesn't have any negative reflection to the people of China in my opinion.

  • The Russia and Georgia Conflict - the beginning of - ???

  • The unemployment rate rose in the US. It rose to 7% in South Carolina.

  • New beginnings for those finding themselves searching for a new job.

  • Another church shooting in Missouri.

  • A new beginning of life without loved ones.

  • Bus wreck due to non-maintenance of bus

  • A new beginning is needed to ensure the safety of innocent people as they travel.

  • Aids infection is reported as 40% higher than projections indicated.

  • John Edwards' secret affair comes to light.

  • Secrets never stay hidden forever if you're in the public eye. Here we have a new beginning for John Edwards - a life without politics, a life without respect.

  • Most schools in the US will begin a new school year in August. Let's hope that's a good new beginning.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Lucky number eight.

According to Chinese tradition, eight is a lucky number for wealth and prosperity.

Christians who study Biblical numerology believe that 8 is the number of new beginnings. After all, God rested on the seventh day and then the whirlwind of life started anew on the 8th day.

Quoted from Biblical Numerology...

THE NUMBER OF NEW BEGINNINGS. 8 people on Noah's Ark (2 Pet. 2:5); circumcision on 8th day (Gen. 17:12); God made 8 covenants with Abraham

That's why many couples are getting married today at 8:08 pm.
See NPR - Lucky day for weddings

Also, the Chinese government scheduled the start of the Olympics on 8-8-08 at 8:08:08 p.m.

I wonder if this would be a good day to buy a lottery ticket?

At any rate, I wish for you to have a blessed and prosperous life. I believe in the Golden Rule, and I sincerely hope you wish me the same.