Sunday, September 07, 2008

I am a fortress

I am a fortress which has been built by stacking every tiny piece of information that has surrounded me and infiltrated my psyche since the moment of my conception.

I am also inclined to believe that by some mystical merging of universal wisdom, the origin of my essence was "in the beginning" and I was called into being by the Creator of all that is.

I do not have the mental ability while in this human condition to fully comprehend or prove to anyone my pre-human existence, yet I am convinced of it.

Now I see through a dark glass which muddies the fine details, but the truth will be known without doubt when I return to the Creator.


neferiti said...

Yes, you are a vessel of pure energy that is shaped by the environment that surrounds you. What you are writing about is very profound? Thank you for sharing.

Wayne said...

Profound indeed! Love it, I like to think that each day we live is another brick in a wall that we build...oh, wait, that's an album by Pink Floyd. Never mind, I'll leave the profundity to you.

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