Saturday, November 29, 2008

Faces in my mind

Faces in my mind
Feel free to enlighten me with any thoughts that cross your mind concerning the following...

For several years now, I have had a problem with faces appearing for an instant and then fading only to be replaced by a new face.

This happens when I am meditating, or trying to fall asleep. My eyes are always closed.

This year, 2008, I began drawing faces. Dozens and dozens of faces. My sister always asks me "who is this" to which I reply, "nobody I know." It's just a face. Most of the faces are caucasian and a few are african american. Many of them are nuns. There seems to be an almost equal balance of male to female. Very few of them are children.

What's interesting is that since I began drawing the faces, I don't see as many faces when my eyes are closed. Wonder why?

Occasionally, I will encounter a face I drew a few days later, usually on TV, but that's probably because I don't get out much.

The only faces I have recognized belonged to my Father, shortly before his death, and my Mother, shortly before her death.

No thoughts come with the faces and sometimes I find myself asking them to stay longer so I can examine their features.

Has anyone ever experienced or heard of this before?

If you think I'm crazy, please don't bother to tell me.

By the way, these aren't the same as the faces I see while praying for someone. Sometimes I will see people I know, almost as if in a vision, while I'm praying for them or for someone else, which I feel indicates that I should shift my "praying" focus to the person who has appeared. But at these times, the face, and sometimes the full body, remain in my mind's eye apparently until I am "done" praying for them. Then they fade.


Lea said...

That's really interesting. I've only experienced seeing a face during dreams or meditation occasionally.

Since you said that sometimes you will later see the face on TV, etc., I wonder if maybe you are meant to pay attention to what is being said about or by the owner of the face.

I would be interested in hearing if someone knows the meaning for your experiences too.

Have a great day!

Leslie Smith, B.Msc. said...

Hi. You are not crazy. These faces could be a number of different things. Could be that your subconscious is bringing them up from those you have seen throughout the day..this is the mind's way of releasing space. The other could be that they are the faces of those who may be on the other side and wish to communicate. If you notice that they seem to 'respond' to you in some way, then try to mentally speak with them. There is nothing to be afraid of. This is part of your growth process.

Many Blessings,
Leslie Smith

DreamDoe said...

Thank you Lea and Leslie.
I will definitely pay more attention to the ones I actually see in person later. I can't believe I didn't think of that!

Leslie, I often have the feeling that they are on the other side, but I can't seem to communicate with them. Sometimes it's as if one is pushing the other aside to get into the "picture."

Thanks for your comments. It is greatly appreciated.