Sunday, December 07, 2008

Time is Dead

time is dead
I have no watch.

I refuse to spend any more money on watches.

All watches die.


Every time I buy a watch, it works until the battery dies. When I go to the jewelry store to have the battery replaced, it dies within 24 hours.

I have tried expensive watches and cheap ones. Same story.

I have replaced the battery myself. I have used a jewelry store and Wal-mart to replace the battery. Same old story.

The best watch I ever had only cost $3. It was on sale in my daughter's favorite clothing store. I bought it on impulse - it was beside the checkout just calling my name. It lasted for 3 years - that was a record. My Seiko only lasted about 18 months.

I do find they last longer if they are the bangle style or bracelet style watches that don't actually have constant contact with my skin. Otherwise they die very quickly.

Does anyone else have this problem or know why this happens?

I also get shocked easily. Getting in and out of the car, going into stores and out, every time I touch metal I get a shock. It's hard to find shoes that keep it from happening. Right now, I only have one pair and they are summer shoes.

I figure the same electrical charges that keep getting me shocked are also killing my watches.

As time goes by, time keeps dying on me.


Lea said...

I was told that it was the body's magnetic chemistry that caused watches to stop working. Since I haven't had that problem in years, I figured watches were being made better.

Do you check to see if the watch is shock resistant? Maybe that would be worth investigating. Not sure what else might be a contributing factor. Though being shocked when touching things is an interesting thought.

Sandra Cobb said...

Thanks Lea! No, I haven't thought of checking for shock resistant watches. Honestly, I am learning so many things... thanks for your comments!